3-Day Notice Procedure

This is a common misconception that I have been running into with clients. As most landlords know, the 3-day Notice is the start of an eviction case for non-payment in Ohio. But how are 3 days calculated? Follow the instructions below:

  • The day the notice is served does not count. It should be served by posting it to the door of the unit. I like my clients to take a picture of the notice posted for our records.
  • You must then wait three days. On the fourth day, the landlord or their representative may file the suit.
  • Weekends and Holidays do not count.
  • As always, use the statutory form with BOLDED language. Let me know if you need a form.

Landlords are often impatient at this point in the process. It feels like the tenant is stealing from you, but you must remain patient. Rushing this part of the process is the surest way to get your case dismissed.

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